On April 3, 2011, the Apportionment Commission adopted the “New Jersey Legislative Districts: 2011-2020” map, and filed it with the Secretary of State.

Below are links to the statewide legislative districts map and more detailed maps of Jersey City and Newark in Adobe PDF format, and related statistical data for each of these maps in Microsoft Excel format:

2011-2020 NJ Legislative Districts (letter or legal size)

2011-2020 NJ Legislative Districts (poster size)

Jersey City Districts Map (letter or legal size)

Newark Map Districts Map (letter or legal size)

Statistical Data Tables

Below are maps and table data in ESRI Shapefile format (viewable only by using geographic information systems software):

Download 2011-2020 NJ Legislative Districts, Jersey City, and Newark Shapefiles

The maps, and related statistical information in Adobe PDF format, are also available on the Department of State’s website at:
. This link provides small and large versions of the adopted statewide legislative districts map, along with more detailed maps of Jersey City and Newark, and all related statistical information.